Hello and Welcome!

My name is Gretchen and this site is dedicated to my passion for creating new and unique items.

Creating these little pieces of art only became a passion of mine recently, after it came to me in a dream. I had this incredible and powerful dream filled with vivid images and awoke with a burning desire to create. So it began, and I suppose if it ever becomes a chore, I will stop. For now…I’m thoroughly enjoying the process.

My style is often a bit odd (just ask my family) and you’ll find that reflected in many of my pieces. I find inspiration in all sorts of places. I love working with many different media’s and seeing how they can come together.

I also love old things, and enjoy incorporating them in my pieces as well. There is something very fulfilling to me about wandering around antique shops and browsing all the various treasures. It always makes me wonder where those items have traveled, and what they might have seen.

Thank you for stopping by and browsing my creations, please feel free to drop me a note if you’d like to give me some feedback.

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